Waco, Texas - July 20-21, 2018

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The Waco Planning Committee wants to thank all who participated in the KOSA 2018 International Gathering this past weekend.  We particularly appreciated all the kind words giving us confidence to say it was a great success.

We also want to announce the decision for hosting KOSA 2020 goes to the Las Vegas Nevada chapter.   Best of luck to the Las Vegas guys for a great gathering in two years!!

This website ( kosa.wacoscottishrite.org ) and the event email (kosa2018waco@gmail.com ) will be closing soon.  Expect Las Vegas to establish their own event site and email.  In the interim, the Facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/KSAGathering/  will remain active and will soon contain the pictures from this weekend’s gathering.

Again, a big THANK YOU for coming and enjoying our Texas hospitality.

One week to go

Hope all of you are looking forward to your time in Waco next week.

One final announcement — We had asked each chapter to bring their KOSA banner for the opening session on the floor of the Grand Lodge of Texas Saturday morning.  We realized that some may not be able to bring your staff if you are flying in.  However, we did not ask you to let us know and now…. one week out … we do not know how many will extra staffs and stands we will need to have on hand.  Therefore, please email the committee at kosa2018waco@gmail.com to let us know (1) that you are bringing your KOSA banner and (2) if you need us to supply a staff (pole) and/or a stand.

July 2018 Final Update

  • IT’S CLOSE – Just 13 days until the KOSA 2018 Gathering begins.  We hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are.
  • DRESS FOR SATURDAY BANQUET –  After many questions about the meaning of “formal dress,” the ladies’ committee settled on the term “after five,” which means men are asked to wear Scottish Rite regalia — kilts and tartans are welcome — or black jacket with tie, and ladies are encouraged to wear cocktail or evening dress.   Remember, we want you to be comfortable.
  • ARRIVAL – While we will have sessions at both the Grand Lodge of Texas and the Lee Lockwood Library and Museum (Waco Valley office) on Saturday, all activities Friday will be at Lee Lockwood.  Registration will begin at noon and continue through the afternoon.  If you need directions call the Waco Valley office at 254-752-1618.   Volunteers there can direct you to your hotel after you check in.
  • QUESTIONS – You can continue to direct your questions to our email — kosa2018waco@gmail.com thru Thursday July 19th.  Starting Friday morning, call with last minute questions.   Check back to this website before you depart for any additional update information.

Arriving Participant Information

As we approach the dates for the gathering, return here for any last minute instructions or information. With today’s smartphone technology, I doubt if any of you will have trouble finding us. The gathering will start Friday July 20th at noon at the Lee Lockwood Library and Museum, home to the Waco Scottish Rite Bodies. We suggest your use your GPS app, mapquest, or google maps (displayed below). The address is 2801 W. Waco Drive, Waco, TX. Participants may begin checking in as early as noon on Friday. Someone will be there to greet you until the Friday evening mixer begins at 5PM.

June 2018 Update

FOR EACH CHAPTER REPRESENTED — Please bring your KOSA banner if you can. For those driving in, we would appreciate your bringing the staff and stand also. We are going to “round up” several sets for those flying in that cannot bring a staff and stand and can only bring the banner in your checked baggage.

THE NEXT GATHERING: in the final afternoon session on Saturday we will offer the opportunity for any chapter to “give us a pitch” on why you should host the 2020 gathering. We intend to announce the 2020 gathering location at the banquet Saturday evening. If you want to “volunteer” to host, please ensure you have a good sales presentation (no more than 5 minutes per chapter…verbal, no powerpoints due to time limitations) AND ensure you have the support and/or approval of your Scottish Rite Valley.

GET YOUR ROOM RESERVED NOW: This may be our LAST WARNING on rooms. If you want the discounted rate at one of our three suggested hotels, it is very important that you make that reservation BEFORE 20 June.

DRESS COMBINATIONS DURING THE GATHERING: Several attendees have asked about dress options throughout the event. Our recommendation is that you come casual to Waco Friday and dress casual or “Texas country” for the Friday night Texas night. For the distinguished speaker presentations on Saturday, your KOSA regalia would be appropriate or at least a sports coat and tie. The banquet is designated as formal but formal is often in the eyes of the beholder. A tux or black suit would be appropriate and an evening gown for your lady but, again, we know many may want to stay in Scottish attire showing off your regalia and a plethora of kilts representing the different clans. Some have suggested dressing down Saturday afternoon for the breakout and closing session and the free time before changing for the banquet. I know our local KOSA chapter intends to dress in distinctive polo shirts Saturday afternoon. We do have locations to change clothes at the Lee Lockwood Library and Museum so you will not have to return to your hotel room to change. Remember, it can get pretty hot in Texas in July (a fair warning to our Northern brothers).

May 2018 Update

  • Just a reminder, we are concerned about the availability of rooms in Waco during the gathering.  Currently, three hotels are holding rooms for us but each is asking to pull some of the block back due to market demand.  We HIGHLY encourage you to make room reservations NOW even if you later decide to not come to the gathering.  (You can cancel with no fee up to 24 hours before the arrival day.)  The contact information  for the hotels is on the ‘Registration’ page but we know the hotels will not honor the discounted rate or even guarantee you a room after June 20.  After that, the cost of a room will be near double the gathering rate … if you can even find a hotel with available rooms.
  • So far we are noticing nearly half of the registrants are bringing their wives.  That is great news as the local wives have a super program of activities for the wives.  Encourage yours to come.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us (email — kosa2018waco@gmail.com ) if you have questions or need assistance in getting from the Austin or Dallas airport to Waco.    You can also call the Waco Scottish Rite office for help.  Phone number is 254-752-1618.
  • The gathering is just over 2 months out and the planning committee is working hard to ensure you have a good time in Waco.   Hope to see you here.  Visit the various sections of the website for more information.
  • The Waco Chapter is waiting for you.  Ya’ll come for a great Texas BBQ dinner as the kickoff  Friday evening, July 20

April 2018 Update

  • We are only 3 months from the 2018 Gathering.   If you have not yet registered and made your room reservations, we recommend you do so soon.
  • Help us continue to advertise.  The gathering is open to all, not just Knights of St Andrew members.  Several valleys have said they will send a representative to learn more about KOSA to start a chapter in their valley.   Some members in our valley are even inviting Master Masons to increase their interest in Scottish Rite Masonry.
  • As a reminder, this opening page is a month to month update as we approach the event.  Please take some time to peruse the navigational tabs at the top of the page for more information on the event.  (Room reservations are on the Registration page.)
  • We are looking forward to meeting brethren from across the country.  As we say in Texas, y’all come!

March 2018 Update

  • Progress continues in preparation for the KOSA 2018 gathering.   The KOSA Chapter and Scottish Rite wives have conducted several fundraisers to offset the costs for the event.  Expect to be treated to luxury during your dining experiences in the Lee Lockwood Library and Museum.
  • Remember, this gathering and all the activities are open to all.  While the local wives have separate entertainment for the visiting wives, you wife is certainly able to attend any of the major speaker periods and even the breakout sessions. There is one breakout period that will offer either (1) Leadership or (2) KOSA Organization.
  • Give some thought to where you would like to see the 2020 gathering. Chapters will be able to make their pitch to host after the breakout session on Saturday.
  • All chapters are requested to bring their KOSA banner. We will have extra poles if needed.
  • Remember to make room reservations early!
  • Contact us online or email kosa2018waco@gmail.com with any questions, concerns, or recommendations.

February 2018 Update

  • Just a reminder if you come directly to this blog — The opening page is a monthly update to keep you informed as we approach the gathering.  The content of the site is contained in the various navigation links, especially registration, attractions, highlights, and activities pages.  You can always contact us via the contact link OR email kosa2018waco@gmail.com
  • The KOSA wives have hosting the meals for the Waco Valley stated meetings over the past three months and are going a great job raising money to offset the gathering costs.  They are HIGHLY ENCOURAGING KOSA members to bring their wives.  A full schedule of activities will be available for wives and the additional fee for wives is only $50 —  a real bargain.
  • The planning committee has completed designs for event T-Shirts and  commemorative coins — You’re going to love them.
  • You can register online NOW.  See the registration page for details.
  • Please make a reservation at one of our three recommended (and discounted) event hotels.  We want to ensure we are able to keep the reservation block available up to the event.
  • This is going to be a great gathering.  Help us spread the word among your KOSA brethren.
  • We are looking forward to seeing your for some good ‘ole Texas hospitality and fun in July.

January 2018 Update

  • If you visit our website frequently you will notice we try to give an update monthly on our progress even though we took December off to allow brethren to spend more time with their families.
  • A reminder — registration is open and we encourage early reservations so we can better plan on quantities needed for orders that must be placed months in advance.
  • HOWEVER, even if you plan to come… or think you may come …  and prefer to delay paying the gathering fee, PLEASE consider making a room  reservation with one of the hotels listed on the registration page.  There are 150 rooms reserved (50 at each location) and all three hotels are questioning us on why they are not getting reservations.   You could do us and your fellow brethren a favor by booking a room soon understanding you can cancel if your plans change.   If we don’t start getting hotel reservations soon, the hotel may pull back some of the room block which could possibly result in a room shortage as we approach the gathering dates.
  • Please contact us if you have suggestions for the gathering.  We have an excellent planning committee but always welcome outside suggestions. Event email is kosa2018waco@gmail.com
  • HELP US ADVERTISE the gathering. at your chapter or valley meetings —  July 20-22, 2018.  (Sunday is only a travel day.  There are no planned activities on Sunday.)
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