Waco, Texas - July 20-21, 2018

Month: July 2018


The Waco Planning Committee wants to thank all who participated in the KOSA 2018 International Gathering this past weekend.  We particularly appreciated all the kind words giving us confidence to say it was a great success.

We also want to announce the decision for hosting KOSA 2020 goes to the Las Vegas Nevada chapter.   Best of luck to the Las Vegas guys for a great gathering in two years!!

This website ( kosa.wacoscottishrite.org ) and the event email (kosa2018waco@gmail.com ) will be closing soon.  Expect Las Vegas to establish their own event site and email.  In the interim, the Facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/KSAGathering/  will remain active and will soon contain the pictures from this weekend’s gathering.

Again, a big THANK YOU for coming and enjoying our Texas hospitality.

One week to go

Hope all of you are looking forward to your time in Waco next week.

One final announcement — We had asked each chapter to bring their KOSA banner for the opening session on the floor of the Grand Lodge of Texas Saturday morning.  We realized that some may not be able to bring your staff if you are flying in.  However, we did not ask you to let us know and now…. one week out … we do not know how many will extra staffs and stands we will need to have on hand.  Therefore, please email the committee at kosa2018waco@gmail.com to let us know (1) that you are bringing your KOSA banner and (2) if you need us to supply a staff (pole) and/or a stand.

July 2018 Final Update

  • IT’S CLOSE – Just 13 days until the KOSA 2018 Gathering begins.  We hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are.
  • DRESS FOR SATURDAY BANQUET –  After many questions about the meaning of “formal dress,” the ladies’ committee settled on the term “after five,” which means men are asked to wear Scottish Rite regalia — kilts and tartans are welcome — or black jacket with tie, and ladies are encouraged to wear cocktail or evening dress.   Remember, we want you to be comfortable.
  • ARRIVAL – While we will have sessions at both the Grand Lodge of Texas and the Lee Lockwood Library and Museum (Waco Valley office) on Saturday, all activities Friday will be at Lee Lockwood.  Registration will begin at noon and continue through the afternoon.  If you need directions call the Waco Valley office at 254-752-1618.   Volunteers there can direct you to your hotel after you check in.
  • QUESTIONS – You can continue to direct your questions to our email — kosa2018waco@gmail.com thru Thursday July 19th.  Starting Friday morning, call with last minute questions.   Check back to this website before you depart for any additional update information.